From there, you plummet into the beautiful Baker Valley continuing through to Medical Springs to the city of Union. As you run into the Grande Ronde Valley, enjoy the majestic views while skirting this beautiful valley!


Once you have completed the loop around the valley, your adventure will conclude at River Side Park with lots of music, food, and the opportunity to exchange epic tales with fellow adventurers!

Join Doomsday Racing for the third running of the Elkhorn Relay.  You will have the opportunity to explore some of the most magnificent country in the Pacific Northwest.

Your adventure will start by heading south out of Hilgard State Park on old HWY 244 along the Grande Ronde River. Once the HWY leaves the river you will come to the first of many challenging climbs, work your way to the top of the hill and head into the backcountry beginning a 20+ mile section of gravel mountain roads.


From here you will begin to catch glimpses of the awe inspiring Elkhorn mountains looming to the south and slowly start the climb up the back side of Anthony Lakes reaching 7,100 feet altitude!

2 Days + 4 to 12 Runners + 204 Miles


1 day + 6 runners + 101 miles

join us august 11th and 12th for an epic adventure

2017 Doomsday Racing


This race has to be on your bucket list!

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